Friday, September 6, 2013

How to make a rental feel like home

My husband and I were married during the time the market for houses began to drop. It was also way harder to get a house to buy because my husband was self-employed.

I am honestly thankful after 5 years of marriage we have never bought a house yet. Thankful because of how much stress it would put on our marriage and life and also thankful because our hearts are set on moving in a little under 2 years to Texas.

With that said in 5 years we have moved 3 times. It isn't that bad really to move, I just don't care for it. The only part I have disliked about renting is making my place feel like home. Up until this past year I have been not buying or decorating too much because I knew it was a rental. When we moved to our apartment a year ago I decided I was going to do it different and buy what I wanted to really decorate with and how!

Here are a few tips and ideas (budget friendly too) to make your rental feel like home:
(This can also go for your own home!)

1. Search Pinterest for printables
I do this often!  Find a printable, get an inexpensive frame from Walmart and viola! I have decor on my walls.

2. Flowers for your table
Flowers are a perfect accessory to your table! You can get them at your local farmer's market or grocery store! You can buy vases from Dollar Tree and they work great!

3. Easy Photo Hanger
I saw creative ideas on Pinterest on how to hang photos so you can easily change them out. So I decided to give it a try! This is what I came up with. It is Photos, String and Tacks. That's it!

4. Gallery Wall
I have always loved creative walls with this and that on it. Walls that don't line up the pictures and have quotes, art, etc on it. I have slowly be putting pictures, quotes, etc on ours. It sits above our couch in the family room! Love it.

5. Family Command Center
I just put this up last week and it works amazing! I still have some work to do to it but basically it holds our family calendar, major to-do's, bills, Ben's school and a chart of what we spend (gas, food, etc.) each month.

6. Light a candle(or multiple!)
Lighting a candle (or two) can make your home feel comfy, warm, inviting! Try it. I usually have one going halfway through the day until the evening.

These are just a few ideas that work for me! I would love to hear yours!

How do you make your place feel like home?


  1. good tips for if I have ever have a rental home. Thank you :)

    I hope you have a great weekend!!
    Visiting from the Wiegand's link up.


  2. these are some great ideas! we have been in a rental since being married as well and while it can be a little more difficult to make it feel like "ours," it is amazing what a difference the little things can make. thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. Hi there!

    Just found you through the Missional Women blog hop! :) Love the article! My husband and I have been married 4 years and are in our 3rdrd rental and looking to move again. I have 4 main pieces of advice on making a rental feel like home:
    1. Pick a theme
    - We themed each room (woodlands for dining and living area, mountains for office, and beach for bedroom) Then it still feels like home as you move because the themes stay consistent.
    2. Find an outlet store for quality art & shop sales
    - We found a P. Graham Dunn outlet near us and shop the sales for special pieces that match our themes. The pieces we hunt for then have special meaning and memory to us.
    3. Create a game nook
    - Designate an area of a bookshelf or a chest for housing board games, card games, etc. then pop them out for some evening relaxation.
    4. Make it relaxing and create memories!
    - Enjoy nights reading a biography together on the couch, make caramel apples in the kitchen, have friends over for pizza night, and listen to a favorite cd at Christmas time while baking in the kitchen.

    - Melanie

    P.S. For those with chemical sensitivities like me, craft stores now sell fake unscented battery-operated candles that turn off and on at a set time to still enjoy that candle-lit feeling. Simmer some cinnamon and water on the stove and enjoy! :)


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