Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Lately

Our home lately has been full of laughter, teachable moments with our boys, quality time and those moments of quiet that make you smile. 

I am working on getting a new routine down since Josh is officially working a 9-5 job now. I am going to work this week on waking up early (with an alarm I need to set!) and doing my devotions. I have noticed that if I don't accomplish it in the morning, it will not happen at all. I can't have that. I need those moments with Jesus and moments of prayer.

We are officially in our 5th week of homeschooling! He is currently loving Preschool and I am so happy he loves to learn! 

Haircuts are officially so much fun now! They both sit there very serious and quiet and NO crying! When did they grow up? :)

I have been truly blessed lately with good friends, family and the time we spend with them. As it is said "if you want a friend, you must be a friend"

I just purchased this book this morning and can't wait to read it and be encouraged in my home!

Also, my husband just released his first ebook!! I am so proud of him and it is truly inspirational and filled with insight, tips and advice. 


  1. That journal looks so efficient and inspirational.

  2. beautiful post! thank you for sharing!

    visiting from Blair's link up!



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