Monday, September 23, 2013

New Seasons in Life

We have been entering so many new seasons and stages in life lately.

new job
almost four
almost two

Beginning a new career and job in our family threw us off our normal rhythm and routine. I will be sharing this week what our new routine/rhythm is looking like!

Being almost 4 years old is bringing with it excitement, joy, more and more serious conversations and so much more! Ben is the best big brother. 

Always helping Ian, giving him hugs and sometimes disciplining him which we tell him is not his job:).

 He is excited when we go hang out with his friends and he loves Daddy/Son time and Mommy/Son time.
 He loves getting himself dressed and is always saying "I can do it myself." 

 Being almost 2 years old is bringing with it trials, laughter, tantrums and more working on the heart when disciplining now. 
Ian is getting to that age where we now need to try to get him to understand why we don't want him to do something. 

Which sometimes will follow with tears, screaming and a tantrum:) He is almost 2 so it is understandable. 

He looks up to his big brother so much. Follows him like a little chick. He is really into movies now and is always carrying around a DVD at home. We don't watch that much!

This year has truly brought forth the time to build friendships, which I am so thankful for. When you are a mom you need to connect with other moms to encourage, laugh, share and enjoy time together. I am so grateful for new friendships in our lives.

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  1. your boys are adorable! thanks so much for sharing their beautiful faces and putting a smile on my face :)

    Visiting from Blair's link up!


  2. Wow - I also have 2 boys: almost 4 and almost 2. I can totally relate to what you shared here. We are entering new seasons, too...and it's cute to watch them. Little brother adores big brother...just watches with these adoring eyes. I love it! This is a great post! I hope you'll be by tomorrow to link it up with me at A Little R & R Wednesdays:


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