Why I am not striving for mom of the year

When I first became a mom I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I wanted to make sure I breastfed him because formula is bad (I know now it is not), I wanted to make sure he always had a blanket, a toy, etc. I wanted to be mom of the year.
Now that my oldest is almost 4 years old there seems to be this pressure for all moms. To make sure they brush their teeth each night, go to preschool, wear the right clothes, behave in public, etc.

This pressure to be mom of the year? We need to let it go. Do we want to be known has "the best mom" because we have our kids in so many activities, play dates and educational toys. Or, do we want children who learn to obey with their willing hearts?

I am not striving for mom of the year.

I am striving for willing hearts that want to learn, listen and obey. 

I am striving for a home that has peace and not chaos. Yes I yell sometimes when I am frustrated but I am learning each day to strive for a more calm approach. I try not to tell Ben to "hurry up" anymore when we need to leave. I want him to obey, yes. But most importantly I want him to know that life is not about hopping from here to there.

I am striving for my boys to learn to play independently. We live in a social media century. Connection is vital in our lives. We need to connect, to grow, be encouraged, be inspired. I sit down on the floor with my phone or computer to read my emails, latest blogs I follow, etc. My boys sit down right next to me and play legos, read books and quietly play by themselves. I am still teaching them to play independently but I think it is vital for their imagination, growing and learning.

I am striving to learn to homeschool. I think every family is different. I have chosen to homeschool my boys all the way to high school graduation. Yes, each year we will evaluate each boy and make sure that is still the decision, but as of right now that is my goal for each of them. With that goal, I have chosen to stay home right now and not work until we are able to figure out a schedule where if I do, Josh is home with them.

I am striving for a home that brings joy. I want the boys to remember their home in a comforting way that smells like apple pie. I always have a candle going, you can read my tips of what I do to make my home. I want there to be laughter, joy, squeals of delight and more. 

I am not striving for mom of the year. I am striving for a mom with a purpose. I am striving for a mom who is here in the present. I am striving for joy.

How about you?