Thursday, October 3, 2013

What sets us apart?

When I was younger and very introvert. I always wished I could talk more, be the life of the party and be more outgoing. I was afraid of being viewed as stuck-up when I really wasn't. Finally over the past few years I have learned to become more outgoing in certain aspects but still have my introvert attributes.

So what are our attributes? 

Keen Observer
Deep Thinker
Intense Concentration
Focus on the meaning of events
Good Listeners
Highly Empathetic 

I'm not saying that extroverts don't have these either, my point is that some of these attributes we excel in. 
We are more the observers at parties. We are observing and thinking. We can be creative because we have more time to think about it. We listen (this is a given with all introverts!). 

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This is the 3rd post in a  series-Calling all Introverts


  1. I think this is where I'm a little different from a classic introvert and why I thought I was closer to the border (but that quiz says I'm 82% so...). I am SUPER outgoing. I love people and love to talk and I'm a great "networker" at parties. I think it's because I used to work in politics. The introvert side is that given a choice I often would choose quiet, and that even though social things are fun, they drain the life out of me and I need me-time to recover.


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