Thank you for the grace from the last two days. I honestly needed that and am so grateful to have this place to write and share with you.

Friendships can become complicated as an adult. It is difficult at times to bond with people and stick close to them. People grow and change over the years and friendships die off and become quiet.

As an introvert it is truly harder to make friends. We are not as comfortable talking with people and it is an effort. Especially if you move quite a bit.

I thankfully have not moved to a different state but I have moved within Northern Virginia and have switched churches twice since we have been married. I have had to put myself out there, vulnerable and hesitant and hoping to make friendships that last.

Friendships are especially hard as a mom. They do take more work scheduling playdates, mom's night out, family get togethers, etc. But there are so many benefits to having that encouragement, strength and fun in your life.

So to make friends you should:

Learn the art of small talk- Write down at home a few questions you would like to know about people. Keep it with you and look at it before you go somewhere you know you would like to talk to some women.

Quality vs Quantity- Don't feel pushed to have a ton of friends if you would rather work on the quality of your friendship with each person. Knowing just a handful of friends really well besides have a ton is worth it, honest. Also, you will get worn out trying to keep up with 15 friends rather than 5.

Body Language- You might never think of it but honestly body language does speak. A lot. Think of how you are standing when in a group, are you open for conversation? are you smiling?

Time Management- As a mom and wife you already are managing your time, money, and so much more. It is no surprise then that friendships take time and managing that time is important.

How do you make friends as an introvert? 

This is the 11th post in a series- Calling all Introverts