Introverts in Marriage

I have noticed (for myself) being married to the opposite can be difficult at times. My husband is very extroverted. He can get a crowd laughing when we walk in the door in under 2 minutes, seriously. He is a people person. I'm not.

I love people, honest. I just don't get as charged and excited as he does when around people. This used to be very difficult to understand in our first year of marriage. He would want to go out, I would want to stay in. Causing stress that really was not needed:).

Today we have learned more about each other (after 5 1/2 years!) that has helped us so much.

Set up boundaries.
In order for me to enjoy a date night, or dinner at a friend's home, I need to be recharged at home. With peace and quiet. So I have learned to not over schedule myself. Or my weekends.

I used to do this so much (and sometimes still do). If I have a date night planned for Friday night with Josh, I will plan on nothing big happening on Saturday (or going to a friend's house) until Sunday. I will get those recharging moments on Saturday.

Stick together. 
When we go to a party, movies, amusement park, etc. I will always be right next to my husband. Maybe this is just me, but I don't like to go off by myself or have him downstairs watching a game while I sit upstairs. I might be odd but he gives me energy when we are in public so I like to be near him.

Communicate Effectively. 
When I am tired of being in public I get cranky. Which can easily start a fight. So usually I try to tell him when I am low on energy and need a moment to think. Just remember that communication is key in everything! Communicate what works for you and what doesn't.

What have you noticed in your marriage as an Introvert?

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