Introverts in Motherhood

I knew the minute my oldest son was born he was going to be just like his Dad. An extrovert. The minute he came out of the water (it was a water birth) those lungs were going!

I never thought it would be difficult to be an introverted mom teaching an extroverted son. But it is. He is always asking to go to the park, see his friends, etc. I love being outside with my family. We are outside almost all weekend when my husband is home and I try to get out each day. Yet, like I said yesterday I need down time and quiet.

I have found that these help me as a mom who is an introvert and I hope they help you:

Have a quiet time. 
I am a stay at home mom, so I am with my two adorable boys 24/7. I love it, honestly. I wouldn't change it and am so thankful we have the ability to be a one income family. Yet each day I NEED a quiet time. So usually I will put a movie on or I will put them in their room and I will sit on the couch and read or write. I try not to think of cleaning my home or the mounds of laundry I need to do. I try to really just relax. Do my devotions, read or write.

Do a playdate.
Going to the park is good but sometimes your extroverted child needs a person he knows and can interact with more than just one time. Set up a playdate, invite people over or go to their home.

Wearing their emotions out in the open. 
So as an introvert we are usually pretty hard to read. We don't wear our emotions on our sleeve and don't react when something goes wrong. Extroverts are very easy to read and react openly. As any mom we need to teach our children the right behaviors when in public and in private. This is one I have difficult with as an introvert, sometimes I don't understand why he is clearly having this open fit over something so small. I am still learning:)

It's ok to be alone. 
Teach them that it is ok to be alone. That it is ok to sometimes not talk but enjoy the silence:) We do this sometimes at home and it has a very calming effect and peace in our home.

I am still learning so much about having an extroverted son. My second son is not so extroverted (I think he might be introverted but he is still young).

What have you learned as a mom?

This is the 9th post in a series- Calling All Introverts