Friday, October 18, 2013

My Favorite Resources {as an Introvert}

I should of had this as one of my first post during this series since these resources are what have inspired and encouraged me as an introvert.

These following resources have taught me how to come out of my shell as an introvert and I hope they encourage and spur you on too!


Lindsey is an introvert and she blogs also! I first found her when I began getting involved in the Influence Network (if you aren't involved here, you should be even if you don't have a blog...yet;)  ). She is so encouraging, honest and has inspired me with her posts. She also wrote a book for introverts! Check it out here.

Taking Lindsey's class back in the spring! She taught a class on the Influence Network just for introverts. It is definitely a must take! 

Body Language- this book is a helpful guide in making sure you are open to conversation in a social setting, especially as an introvert! 

Smart Women know when to say no- As an introvert I have trouble sometimes overfilling my plate and especially my weekends! This book is encouraging and has helpful tips!

I hope these resources help you as an introvert and you have been encouraged by this series! I'm sorry for not putting these resources first and showing you what has encouraged me. I hope you enjoy them.
This post is part of a series- Calling all Introverts


  1. Thank you for this post! I am a new blogger (going on three weeks) and an introvert...will be looking into these resources! Just while we are at you have any blogger/writer books that are good reads as well?


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