Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tips for the day

As an introvert I need space, quiet and peace at some points. I need to regroup and think. I have found that if I do any of the following throughout my day (and week) it seems to help so much.

Take a walk
Watch a movie
Go to the gym
Call or message a close friend
Listen to music
Go for a drive
Take a bath
Spend 10 minutes quietly sitting

Any of these help me regroup, think and remember that being an introvert and being quiet are not always bad.

It helps during the day:

Tackle one task at a time. Do not become overwhelmed. Focus on one task. Complete it. Go on.

Refuse to make hasty decisions. Do not be pressured into saying yes. If someone is calling. Let them leave a message, listen and call back later in the day. Do not be put on the spot.

We are uniquely skilled in listening, creating and problem-solving. When we have the time to think, wonder, imagine and THEN speak. 

“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured…Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.” Susan Cain
This is the 6th post in a series- Calling all Introverts


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