Monday, November 4, 2013

November Goals

If you noticed on the side I have a few of my absolute favorite blogs I consistently follow. Hayley from the The Tiny Twig last week wrote out her November Goals + a link up! So since I already set goals for myself I thought I would begin sharing my monthly goals with you and at the end of the month I will show you what I completed!

1. Continue to eat well
2. Clean carpet in our home (It's bad folks, it needs some love)
3. School with Ben (we began a new curriculum I found at the bookstore since it was very difficult to keep printing out his school)
4. Blog 3x a week
5. Clean out my closet/Purge clothes
6. Work on Christmas gifts list 
7. NEW Blog Design! (eeekk, so excited about this!!)
8. Date night with Josh
9. Read two books 

Might seem like quite a bit for November but some of those are mini but make a great impact in my family's life (such as encouraging Josh when he gets home instead of bombarding him).

Setting goals never used to mean much to me but over the last few years after becoming a mom and having a very goal centered hubby I suddenly am caring a notebook every where with me and even have a planner now. It is so important to have goals because if not what are you striving for? What do you care about? What gets you excited? Want to conquer fears? Set goals. That's it.

Join me?

Do you have November Goals?


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