Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pirate Birthday Bash

Ben turned 4 in October and we decided to plan a little birthday bash for him. We asked him what kind of theme he would like and he chose Pirates (specifically Jake and the Neverland Pirates).

With the help of Pinterest and some creativity on our part we put together a simple party with a handful of activities to keep the boys busy! Oh yes, that was the other thing. It was a boys allowed only party:) We had a total of 7 boys in our home and they all had so much fun!

When the guests first arrived we had a Tattoo Parlor set up to get their tattoos.

We had a Jake movie set up to watch while waiting for the pizza.

Once the pizza arrived we all ate and while we finished we had my BIL go hide the treasure outside. We had put together a treasure chest full of candy and gold coins. We also purchased some glitter and made a trail for the boys to follow!
They absolutely loved this.

After we found the treasure we took it back to the house and had the boys fill their goody bags with candy, gold coins and the party favors we had for each of them.

Our next activity was Pin the Pirate Patch. This was so much fun to watch and it was funny to see the boys enjoy being blindfolded to pin the patch. They each were able to pick a little car from a bag once they played.

We finally did cupcakes and blowing out the candles. It was so cute to see Ben smiling from ear to ear when everyone sang Happy Birthday. The cupcakes were simple to make (my brother and his girlfriend made them for me!) and we had little swords and pirate flags on them!


For the final activity we opened presents! Which is always fun and Ben was so excited to open each one. 
We had a blast and we made it work in our apartment! Everyone had such a good time and it is fun to hang out with good friends.

One thing I have learned about birthday parties is yes I can get some great ideas off of Pinterest but we don't need to host this blowout party for our kiddos. We need to remember that they are kids and sometimes a simple party is the best way to go. We seem to have this competitive mentality as moms now a days to plan these extragavent parties and we should try to remember who the parties are for.

When shopping for this party I had Ben go with us and he helped pick out colors and such because it is for him. Not us.

So if you are planning a party just remember sometimes simple is the way to go. :)


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