Friday, November 29, 2013

Reshaping it All

I have really struggled these past few years with how I feel about my weight and losing that weight in particular. Having two beautiful, health babies has really messed up my body and let it go haywire. I also have to admit sometimes I don't take care of my body but beat myself up about it constantly.

I don't want to be thin (I do and I don't, let me explain). I want to be fit and active. I enjoy running and hope to continue and even have my boys join me sometimes. I want to be able to be comfortable and at peace with my body at a certain point. I want to take care of this temple God gave me and nourish it correctly.

I have posted a few posts this last year of my weight loss journey. Since January I have lost 33 pounds, which is great but I'm no where close to where I wanted to be and my goal for this year. My goal was to lose 55 pounds. I am 21 off!

So it is at the top of my its this year to complete and my other goal with it? To stop beating myself up and to stop complaining in front of my husband and sons about my body. I can get a little obsessed about some things and this is one.

I want to nourish my mind, heart and body correctly and in the right moments and times. I want to be able to at some point be happy with myself and content and to do that I need to remember to reshape it all. I am going to be reading Candace Cameron's book again and would LOVE if you like to join me!

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I would love your support and encouragement and I hope I can do the same for you! I will be posting once or twice a month from now on here about my weight loss journey and I hope it encourages you and it is also an accountability to me :)


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