Monday, December 2, 2013

December Goals

I absolutely am loving the beginning of each month. I get to link up with Hayley and post our goals for the month! Here is a look at what I accomplished in November.

1. Continue to eat well.   I did fairly well in this department. I did not over stuff myself on Thanaksgiving and I am still continuing to work on this and lose weight. My focus this next year is to lose 23 pounds!
2. Clean our carpets.  We finished this! So happy with how they turned out!
3. School with Ben. Ben is absolutely loving school!!
4. Blog 3x a week. I tried but did not make it to 3x a week. Hopefully will be doing that this month.
5. Clean out my closet/Purge clothes. I didn't get to this one. I semi-started but didn't complete.
6. NEW Blog Design.   I completed this and Becca from Jumping Jax Designs did an amazing job! I love it.
7. Date night with Josh.  We got THREE dates this month! Which is so rare. We went to see Thor, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and we attended a wedding.
8. Read two books. I completed one book. But did not begin a second one.

Picture taken by our amazing photographer!
1. Read Reshaping it All
2. Continue to eat well and lose weight! My goal is 5 pounds this month
3. Order Christmas cards and letters & send out
(I have part 1 done, ordered my Christmas card to be complete here. Then need to order prints, etc. )
4. Finish Christmas Shopping
5. Send letter to Luc. He is our Compassion child.
6. Go through my wardrobe and hubby's wardrobe, purge. 

So these are my goals for this month and even though there don't seem to be that many I want to put thought and care into each one. Especially the letter to Luc and the Christmas letter to our friends and family. 

I would love to hear your goals for this month! Share in the comments below or link up if you have a blog and share your blog link below.


  1. horray! first, your blog design looks SO GOOD! and YAY for sending a letter to Luc! Our little Compassion guy is Nathan--and I need to make sure we send him a letter, too! Thanks for the reminder! xo.

    1. Thank you Hayley! I love blessing our Compassion child. It is so much fun!


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