Five Favorites this December

I wanted to share with you my favorites this month and hopefully spark some interest in you for Christmas gifts for you or family and friends!

One- I am absolutely a fan of my leggings. I own 3 now and I can't stop wearing them, especially when out and they go amazing with my boots from JustFab. They are also super comfy at home when cleaning or lounging with my hubby. Can't say enough about them. 

Two- I saw the movies first and I am finally getting around to reading the books! I read the first book in two days and am now starting on the second one! I hope to find more like this, if you have any good books tell me please! Would love to read them. 

Three- This drink is amazing hot or cold. Cinnamon Dulce. Soo yummy. Have you tried it?

Four- This show has been my favorite for over a year now. I absolutely am loving all the characters and each episode is packed full of drama, comedy, suspense and a little romance. 

Five- This wallpaper is on my phone and on my computer. It is definitely helping me to remember to make December count and be present with my people. You can get it here too. 

What are your favorites right now? I would love to hear! 

Also don't forget Everyday Moms begins in January, you can still sign up!