Life Lately

As people say it is the busy time of year! BUT this year, I am taking a slow step forward and trying to embrace in being present this December with my family and making it count. 

We are currently enjoying some beautiful snowfall and am planning to take the boys out this afternoon in it.

For some reason this year is hitting me hard with my Mom not being here. She loved this time of year. She loved to bake, shop, drink hot cocoa, listen to Christmas music and enjoy being present. Looking back I realize how I want to be so much like her and do what she did in making memories with my brothers and I. She always made us laugh and she knew when we needed a hug.

Maybe because the boys are older and I am beginning to make lasting memories with them is why I feel a pain this season of missing her. My Dad just recently turned 50 and my Mom would be 50 next year and that seems to make an impact also. It also is because I am turning 25 this March.

I am praying for peace and strength this season as I am shoveling through my grief and also swimming in happiness and delight of watching my sons eyes sparkle when we put up the tree and watch the snow fall.

Simple things. Simple steps.

I am taking this class next week and can't wait to see how I can further more be the Mom I want to be and need to be for my kiddos.

I posted this photo  on my Instagram this morning because I love this verse.