Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meaningful Christmas Countdown

My oldest is four this year and my youngest is turning two (in 2 weeks!). So this year I wanted to begin a tradition that we could use in the following years that tell the boys the TRUE meaning of Christmas but also let them enjoy the fun of it. (Especially since this movie is one of my favorites movies for Christmas).

Picture by my amazing photographer!

I had wanted to do sooo many countdowns and finally my husband said in the sweetest way "babe, these countdowns are great but we need to not do so many. " So wise right? Yes, I was wanting to do IT ALL. But what will that teach my boys? It won't teach them the simple meaning. It would teach them rushing, chaos and so much more that I am trying NOT to convey.

So I took down my Christmas Countdown. I decided to go with the Jesus Storybook Bible readings and Louie the Elf. So far it is going well! Ben is loving when we read the stories and they both enjoy finding Louie each morning (even though we have had a few incidences where he has been touched, oops!).

It might seem odd to pick these two but to me it fits our lives in the moment. We are also doing the usual Christmas activities which I have listed below but I have them spaced out each week so there isn't something every day.
Picture by my photographer!
You can also get a pretty awesome list of ideas here if you are little exhausted of trying to think of activities to do this month.
 I have a few more we are doing that aren't on this list that are acts of kindness to others around us! Because truly I want the boys to learn to having sweet, giving hearts and thinking of others. 

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  1. Good job, hubby! Less is more, right? As in more energy and more time to do the things you want to do with your kiddos. That was a good call. I love seeing the things you do with your kiddos.


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