Now he is TWO

My little guy turns two today! He seriously has brought so much joy to our family and the bond between his older brother and him is a connection that makes me so happy because it reminds me of my special bond with my younger brother Caleb.

Ian was definitely a surprise baby but a wonderful surprise he was. He has made our family circle complete.
Courtney Anderson Photography

He has grown so much this past year into a fun, sweet, jumping toddler with close to as much energy as his older brother.

He loves to say "shhh,shhh." We must hit up the library quite a bit;). He also does not mind one bit getting dirty, muddy or making a huge mess.
 He also enjoys playing with his cars and trains like any other boy. He is built like a football player with his broad shoulders and definitely has enough strength to defend himself. Ian has a goofy side too and loves the camera ;)
Danielle Heaphy Photography

He thoroughly enjoys movies now and is especially into Turbo, Cars and Curious George. He also LOVES car rides. Whenever we are in the car and you try to talk to him, he will ignore you. Finally if you keep talking to him he will respond with "No, shh, I'm shweeping." Which he really isn't he just REALLY enjoys riding in the car and looking out the window.

Happy Birthday Ian Luke Dawson! We love you and are so happy that God gave you to us two years ago.