Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oatmeal Lesson

I posted this picture this AM to my Facebook page.

After posting it I suddenly began thinking how 5 years ago. I sat alone usually (if hubby was working) eating breakfast. Quietly eating my oatmeal and wishing there was noise in our brand new home. Wishing for someone to share my days with until I was able to spend the evenings with Josh. No wonder we quickly were pregnant soon after our wedding:).

I don't have to worry about no noise now. Now I worry about actually getting a shower in. Having a few minutes of peace to put makeup on without someone dumping a toy in the toilet or pulling drinks out of the fridge and spilling them. After feeding the boys, sneaking and hoping to quietly make my breakfast without them coming and asking for a bite.

This morning I tried oh so quietly to sit on the couch. Somehow they smelled the delicious oatmeal and came running. I placed Ian on my lap and waited for the oatmeal to cool down. Soon Ben was asking for a bite. I was frustrated but it quickly went away and I split my oatmeal into three bowls instead of the one I had. We each shared and enjoyed that oatmeal together. It might seem silly or small but to me it was all worth it.

I wished for this noise. For sharing. And I am so thankful I have it now. I am so thankful that each day when Josh leaves for work he leaves a little of him behind in each of our boys. I see his personality in Ben and I see his looks in Ian.

I hope you can take a quiet moment to be thankful this morning mamas. But if you can't just remember, this noise in your home is beautiful and worth it. Take a deep breath and if you need to pop a show on the TV to go have a peaceful shower, you aren't a bad mama if you do.


  1. My morning looked like this too! I don't think I've eaten a meal in peace in 4 years, haha! It can be hard in the midst of spills and tantrums, but thank you for the reminder to remain grateful.

    Found you through Tuesdays Unwrapped! It's my first time linking up -- I'm a little new to this blog world!


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