Everyday Moms: Katie

Today is our first Featured post for Everyday Moms! I am so excited for these posts and I hope they encourage you! Thank you Katie for coming and sharing your heart with us today!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts that got married young and started our family young. We have boy-girl twins that are seven years old and a toddler who is two. We are also a licensed foster care family.

Where do you blog and what is it about? 

I blog at Unfading Grace. I blog about everything but mostly where God is teaching and leading this messy heart.

How do you stay encouraged when you are having a tough season in motherhood? 

I can find this very difficult because instead of reaching out to others I turn in and sometimes allow myself to drown in the struggles, but I am learning to reach out and the SheReads Truth devotionals are always so helpful for turning me to Jesus no matter if things are going well or not so well.

What do you and your hubby do to keep the flames alive during the little years?

Fight. You think I'm kidding, we can be that couple. The ones that can explode and you start to wonder whether we'll make it, but end up making up. You know. He can drive me absolutely crazy but no one on earth can make me laugh like he can. We are not able to do weekly or even monthly dates but when the opportunity presents itself for a date night, we take it! 

How do you balance work/chores/marriage, etc in your home?

With my loyal planner. I love to-do lists & planning, it keeps me sane. But there are seasons I go through I'm sick of cleaning which make it harder and seasons of loving to clean and it seems a breeze. Playing music throughout my house is very helpful in keeping me in the mood to work.

What is a typical day in your home?

Wake. Drink coffee. Send tweets, check email & social media. Wake the littles. Feed and get them ready for the day. Take the older two to school. Then most days Addison & I with our friends head to the YMCA. We head home, she naps & I get house work done. In the afternoon the bigs get home. My husband comes home. We have dinner. And depending on the time of year we either have neighborhood children in our home or we are at sports. And then that long awaited time of day, bedtime for the littles. Some nights they even get a bath before. Then Douglas and I relax (sometimes cuddling) watching tv then off to bed for us. 

When have you found is the best time to do devotions and spend time with God?

I used to feel the need to start the day off with my devotionals but I'm starting to enjoy it in the late afternoon, gives me that second day pick me up. 

Who inspires you? (either online or offline)

I've always felt inspiration from Jessi Connolly at Naptime Diaries & offline I feel encouragement from foster parents we meet, seriously, you need inspiration? Find a foster momma that has been in it for about 10 years and she will inspire you so much. 

If you could go back and give yourself as a new mom advice, what would it be?

That I didn't have to have it all together. That it was ok to be late and not be prepared for the apocalypse. (My diaper bag with the twins was ridiculous) 

What is your favorite part in your current season of motherhood and what is the toughest?

The space. Both parts. I'm in a season where a majority of the day is spent with just one child. I get this special one on one time with Addison but at first it was so difficult. At the beginning of the school year, I just sat around crying, feeling so lost without my other two. 
Your go to dinner? 

Chicken N Dumplings, a recipe I found on Written On Her Heart's blog. 

What are some inexpensive dates with your hubby that you have done and loved?

To be honest we're not those type of people. We love to spend money, which in turn gets us in trouble. But if I had to choose once we just went out walking around stores, he bought me coffee, there's the ticket, buying me coffee. 

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