Monday, January 13, 2014

Fresh Start: Goals for 2014

I have been following Lara Casey for my Goal Setting for 2014. I want every year to be better, more intentional and meaningful than the next. That is why I have shared with you my word for the year, my yes and no for the year and now my goals and verse for 2014!

1. Learn more and listen more to Him
I am going to be more purposeful about following along with my devotions.  Praying more to Him and and reading daily. 

2. Building a stronger marriage & monthly date nights
This year will mark our 6th anniversary and I am more in love with Josh than ever. My plans this year for our monthly dates is to get out of our "regular and ordinary" dates and do something different each time. So I am hoping to take him golfing, paintball adventure, DC for the day, football game and more! Josh is very adventurous and loves to be outdoors doing physical sports & activities. So I want to enjoy those with him this year. I also want my focus to be on him this year and send him little notes at work each week, surprise him and other little things to let him know how much I respect and love him.

3. Being an intentional, present & free mom
I want to be intentional in teaching my children simply about Jesus and life at their young age. That looks like teaching them to have a happy heart, sharing, treating others right and other little life lessons as simple as can be explained at 4 and 2 years old. I also want to be intentional in continuing our homeschool journey. Ben will start Pre-K in the fall and will finish up Preschool by June! I want to be present and find joy in what they light up with doing. Ben will be starting soccer this spring and he is looking forward to it so much. I want to be a free mom and live in the moment without worry, guilt or any unhealthy thoughts.

4. Speak life to family & friends
I want to speak life and positive affirmations to all those around me at any chance I get.

5. Build stronger friendships
Continuing to build those bonds with friends around us. This past weekend we had a pizza/game night with 3 other couples. We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. It honestly is so much fun to fellowship and encourage other friends.

6. Growing & Thriving as a blogger
I have certain numbers written down that I want to be able to reach this year. I want to be able to write more thought provoking and meaningful posts that have been laid on my heart and open up more with them.

7. To be healthy and fit & lose 30 pounds
I lost 30 pounds last year and my goal is the same for this year! I am not going to settle for a broken body and have begun working out 4 times a week. I am eating healthy and watching what I put in my body to nourish it and keep my energy up.

So this is my verse for the year and in March (hopefully!) I will show you more of what I am doing with this verse. 

I would love to know your goals for this year! 
Let's share below in the comments


  1. Such good goals! Many of those are on my list for 2014 too :) I love your verse of the year--such truth!


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