Fresh Start:Workout Plan

Since it is a New Year I really needed a boost forward and a fresh start on a workout. Before August last year, Josh & I would go running a few times a week. His schedule was flexible since he was self-employed so we could pick a different time each day to run and take kiddos to the park.

It all changed when he was hired and began his new job! Which was exciting and thrilling because he self-taught himself for 8 months, anyway seriously go to the link above and read his stories, he is amazing & I can't believe I am the lucky girl who is married to him!

The only damper was it totally threw our rhythm of life, routines and more out the window in a flash. Which is also the reason why two of my January goals this month are with rhythms and schedules.

I am a planner by heart and love to have a normal flow of daily life. I can do spontaneous don't get me wrong but if I don't have those daily moments of normalcy I can get a little frustrated and my days don't usually go very well.

While browsing through Target one evening last week with my family I stopped by the exercise aisle and found a walk at home video. I hadn't done one of those workout videos in about 1-2 years and was really looking for something I could do while Josh is working. I didn't really feel like dragging my kids to the gym with me while I ran or pushing a stroller by myself huffing and puffing:).

I love the adrenaline you get when you workout and it is so important especially for me since I have a thyroid disease to stay active and fit.

So far this week I have done 8 miles! They have been 8 sweaty & sore miles but so nice to finally find a workout that will flow with our new schedule. Now to figure out the rest of our rhythm/schedule!

Do you have a workout routine?
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