January Goals

It's a New Year! With fresh starts, more grace and new goals and new adventures. I am so excited to be linking up with Hayley and this is by far my favorite link up. Over the past few months it has kept me more accountable and focused since I am sharing with you.

So a recap of how I did for:

December Goals:
1. Read Reshaping it All- I began to read it but I did more of a skimming so now I need to go back at some point and read it all the way through. 
2. Continue to eat well and lose 5 pounds- I did eat well and conquered almost 5 pounds. 
3. Order Christmas cards and send out - I got them sent out BEFORE Christmas, how amazing?!
4. Finish Christmas Shopping - DONE
5. Send letter to Luc. - I sent him a letter and it was so much fun. He is our Compassion child
6. Go through my wardrobe and hubby's wardrobe and purge. - Nope, didn't conquer it but hopefully soon.

My Goals for January 2014:

1. Date night with my love
2. Blogging 3x a week with meaningful posts
3. Reading each night to the boys
4. Figuring out our new rhythm/schedule
5. Send 4 cards to different women in my life
6. Writing out a new cleaning schedule and sticking to it

I can't wait to see your goals for January! Share below or on the Facebook page .