Making it a rhythm not a rule

I knew I was doing something wrong when every time we would go out Ben would ask me "Now can we go home and clean the house?". Every time. 

Randomly while I would be reading or we would be playing with legos he would say "Mommy we need to clean the house! It's such a mess." Every time. 

When Josh would come home and after dinner he would ask him, "Hey buddy what do you want to do? Play some soccer or draw?" Ben would sigh and say "I need to clean my house!" Every time. 

I made something a rule in our house that should never be a rule. I made something blown out of proportion that shouldn't be. I made something more important than Jesus.

I suddenly realized I was truly doing something wrong as a mom. I was showing my son that a clean house is more important than anything else, and that is wrong. I messed up.

It hurt every time he said it to Josh & I. Instead of telling Josh what he learned that day he felt that he always needed to have a clean home.

So for one week I decided to watch and see how much I tell Josh and the boys "we need to clean up! This place is a mess!" I said it multiple times each day. No wonder I was showing him that it was important because by my example it was.

So I stopped. No, I didn't stop cleaning my home but I did stop cleaning it every 5 minutes (yes I honestly was). We do live in this home and it should look lived in. I decided if one toy or more :) were on the ground when company came over, so be it. It isn't the end of the world. I am in the trenches of motherhood after all. I decided to designate 15 minutes in the morning for a quick clean up while the boys played and 15 minutes in the evening before Josh got home for the boys to help me.

I stopped saying "I need to clean up, it's a mess." The next time he asked me, I said "it's ok buddy, we are good." I have finally taught him over the past few months that a clean home isn't the number one priority and he doesn't ask anymore. He helps me in the evening and it has become a sweet time of playing some dance music on Pandora. It has become a time of fun and suddenly cleaning up in the evening is so much sweeter than I was originally making it.

I learned a lesson in this motherhood journey and it is one I won't forget.

What's a lesson you have learned recently?

Also here is some wonderful worship music for this lovely Friday! Enjoy my friends!