My Yes and No for 2014

I am thoroughly enjoying Lara's goal setting series! It has seriously helped me reach for what I truly want to accomplish and strive for this year.

Today I want to share with you what I am saying YES to in 2014 and what I am saying NO to in 2014.

What I'm saying Yes to in 2014
More time with Him
Reading my devotions without haste in my step. Pouring over scripture with an open heart and digging deep to the stuff that matters.

Josh and the boys
I am pushing for more dates with my love and those moments where we are silly and free. I am going to be more intentional about nightly reading time with the boys. I want to share and be present in these moments with them this year and embark on new adventures and new memories to create.

A Healthy Body
I want to have a complete and whole body that isn't broken and hurting. Even though this body held two huge babies for more than 9 months doesn't mean I have to settle with it. 

What I'm saying No to in 2014
It truly can become the thief of joy if you let it. And I have in the past but not anymore. I am going to embrace my body and not compare with others. That is truly the main thing this year.

Worry is honestly worthless, what does it cause? Less patience, short fuse, more fuss, more junk on my mind and heart. I am letting go of worry this year and embracing a free mind and spirit that puts hope and strength in Him.

Eating unhealthy
It brings me nothing but less energy, guilt and depression. I am putting a firm foot down and saying NO to foods that make me tired or cranky or anything that doesn't bring happiness and health.

Adding more roles to my name
I am simplifying my plate this year and not adding anymore names to my list. After May I am slipping out of one of these roles to fully focus on my family and this blog! I can't wait to grow even more this year with you. 

So this is it. I can't wait to share even more of my goal setting with you this week! If you haven't read Lara's series yet, do it this week! Buy a notebook and find a quiet moment to think and jot down your ideas, dreams and goals for this year.