Friday, January 31, 2014

she is a hero in their eyes

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The sunlight streams in her room and her day begins, sometimes even before day breaks. She is up. Feeding the baby and trying to not doze off in between. Remembering she has a bible study the next day she whips out her book feeling the slight guilt that she has not taken a moment to glance over what they are studying.

But guess what? She is a hero in their eyes. 

She took the time to tackle Mt. Laundry and the Valley of Dishes all day, every day. With love in her eyes and happiness in her heart she carved out a delicious and healthy lunch for her husband to take to work. Kissing him on his way, and that kiss gave superpowers to her husband to tackle his daily grind of work. Missing his family while away, waiting and counting the hours until he is back in the warmth of his home.

Because why? She is a hero in their eyes. 

She sat down during lunch to read her Bible (because that is the best time she find in the rhythm of her days). She prayed for wisdom and patience in raising up her children. At the park, one of her littles scraps his knee, she bends down and kisses it and miraculously it is healed and he skips off to play.

Because why? She is a hero in their eyes. 

While they nap on the couch she quietly prepares dinner and tries to pick up the messes left behind, scattered around the home. She picks up legos, crayons, books, remotes and the tent. The tent she built from chairs and blankets. The tent she set up while they excitedly giggled next to her. As they looked up at her with a glitter in their eyes and squeals they could hardly contain.

Because why? She is a hero in their eyes. 



  1. Moms do amazing things all day and much of the time without a thank you. Moms really are heroes to their families.

  2. Beautiful post. Moms are pillars of strength and love to their families, genuine heroes with invisible capes.

  3. Moms... forget sometimes how much they do and the bravery in their everyday to stay faithful to their family, to nurture and take care of them. Thanks for reminding. (over from FMF)

  4. Such a magical time, when children see us in this way. May we remember to come to our Father with the heart of a child. In my FMF I wrote about a dear friend of mine who is a hero not only in my eyes but in the eyes of hundreds of children. What a privilege to have a taste of parenting. Lovely post.

  5. Visiting from FMF... good reminder. My mom wasn't perfect... but I know she did her best.


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