Friday, January 3, 2014

what i learned in december

I am linking up on this beautiful, cold Friday with Emily Freeman on what I learned last month. I hope you are nice & cozy in your home and have a warm cup of coffee in your hand while reading this today.

1. I love lighting a candle every morning. 
It honestly brightens my day so much have that little candle send off the most breathtaking smells.

2.  Christmas movies should be year round.
I love watching Christmas movies, especially the romantic ones. I think I might start watching them at any time of year.

3. Leggings are forever my favorite go to. 
How did I not have these the past few years? I own 3 now and they are amazing.

4. I love taking pictures of my boys and hubby together. 
They are forever going to be by far my favorite of any picture.

5. Cooking is actually fun!
Let's be real for a second, I have always dreaded cooking. Anything. But since I signed up for Emeals I am finding a love for it. I am actually enjoying being in my kitchen for longer than 10 minutes!

I would love to know what you learned in December!

So many exciting things coming next week! I will be posting my 2014 goals and vision, our first Everyday Moms and I hope I can feature you at some point on Everyday Moms! Email me if interested. 

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