15 Romantic & Affordable Dates

Sometimes February creeps up in your home, right? Somehow in between running kiddos so play dates, running errands and changing diapers we forget. Or sometimes we know it is coming but suddenly our creativity has left us and we can't figure out what to do or get our spouse.

Guess what? I have your back. This list is just for you! Also this post can easily be shared or emailed to your hubby for hints and I bet he will love it. 

Local Bookstore  Curl up together with a warm drink and a good book. 

Live in a warm climate? Pack a picnic lunch, blanket & frisbee (or football) and hit up the park.

Classic date with a bonus  Dinner & a movie but at a dine in movie theater.

Dance the night away  Why not? Go take a dancing lesson or look for a local dance night in your town or city.

Ice skating and local coffee shop  I heard one of my good friends is doing this and loved the idea! 

Rent a movie  Pop some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch.

Game Night  Buy a new board or card game and play it after the kiddos are in bed. 

If you like guns,  Go to a shooting range. 

Dessert Only  Just order dessert at a really good restaurant. 

Special Night  Go have fun buying some new lingerie and then go home and wear it.

Paris Night  Get a baguette, French wine and cheese.

Volunteer Time  Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or take some cookies or flowers and visit a nursing home.

A Surprise  Put your ideas and his ideas in a hat the night before and do it!

Memory Lane  Go to all your most memorable spots near you in your relationship.  Walk around and take pictures, then head to dinner. Afterwards, go print your photos and make a mini photo book of your day. 

Hotel "  "  Make a dinner menu with your last name as the hotel and make the food together, pick a movie on Netflix or rent one, set up a picnic on the floor and light candles in your bedroom for after the movie. 

So now that I may have sparked some interest in you for ideas, I would love to hear them! 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 
To make it even more fun during dinner or at home once kiddos are asleep, go here and download this fun little packet of sentiments and mushiness. Perfect end to a romantic day and might spark some fun in your marriage also if ya know what I mean ;) 

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