Energy and Persistence

Energy and persistence conquer all things. A quote I read from Benjamin Franklin and oh how true it is in life. In motherhood. In marriage. 

Sometimes we don't have the energy to discipline so we simply give in, but yet that is how the little one wins. He (or she) had more energy and persistence than me. Let's remember this when mothering, let's have more energy and persistence to conquer the tantrums, the fights. 

Let's have the energy and persistence to make time for our marriage and time with our husband. Let's be brave and be the wife who says sweet things about him when he is not there and compliments him when he is home. 

Want to know where to find the energy and persistence to move forward? Check out these weekend readings for your quiet time.

Adding margin to your life - a perfect encouraging post with tips to make margin, and more margin is more energy. 

The battle for joy is worth it - one of my favorite writers spilling it out like it is. Must read to keep your joy. 

Mom sets the tone - when you are a mom, sometimes we get frustrated and angry and energy doesn't come easily. Some tips to help battle that and set the right tone. 

Words that bond - words have such a powerful impact on our children (and spouses). Let's make words that bond and let's be persistent in striving for it. Also these printables are perfect.

6 phrases your husband needs to hear each day - let's have the energy to build our husband's up and let's start here. 

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10