Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals

It is February and that only means it will be getting warmer and warmer out and we will be able to be outdoors more and stop hibernating from this bitter cold. 

I enjoyed January so much and it was a perfect start to what will be another amazing year. 

Here's a look back on how I did for my goals:

1. Date night with my love  I actually was able to have TWO date nights with him this month. We went to go see Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit one late night and I absolutely loved the movie. We also were able to have a game night with some good friends. Laughter, food and good honest fellowship was made and definitely will be doing it again!

2. Blogging 3x a week with meaningful posts. I did not blog 3x a week the whole month, but I am close to it! I am definitely enjoying this season in my life with the boys and am making sure to have my priorities in the right order. I did start a newsletter for anyone who is subscribed to my blog! I will be sharing some special news for the blog and special moments for you to create each week! I hope you will check it out, definitely an encouragement for all mamas. 

3. Reading each night to the boys.  The boys love reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible. It has become a habit now to read before bedtime and they are learning to sit quietly while listening too ;)

4. Figuring out our new rhythm/schedule. We have figured out somewhat of our new rhythm and schedule but am hoping to implement some other ideas into our daily schedule soon.

5. Send 4 cards to different women in my life. I did send these out (yesterday!). I wrote them in the middle of January and they sat on my desk for almost two weeks BUT I got them out and I hope they are encouraging to the women I sent them to.

6. Writing out a cleaning schedule and sticking to it. Did not accomplish this but have figured out a rhythm for getting the mounds of laundry done and sheets washed. 

Whew! So 3 out of 6 is not too bad but I hope this month I will be able to cross everything off my goals list! So here goes:

1. Finish 2013 photo book. I have the photos just need to get them in a photo book. I was inspired by how Jessi wrote this post and am hoping to do a photo book like that one. 

2. Read 3 books.  Josh bought me a bunch of books this past weekend and I hope to read 3 of them this month! I want to make sure I am soaking them up and not just plowing through them. 

3. Clean out & donate from boy's closet. I will need to be going spring/summer shopping soon for the boys but first need to go through their closet. 

4. Date night with Josh. We are doing a swap date night with friends of ours for Valentine's Day, so it will be fun to get out one night and then watch their kiddos so they will be able to also! Have you done this before? 

5. Family photos in frames. I really need to get our family photos in frames and on the walls. We had them taken in November (yikes!) so now that the holiday season and after effects are done we should get this done and enjoy those beautiful pictures on our walls. 

I am hopeful to actually complete each of these this month! I am linking up with Hayley for my goals this month.

What are your goals for February?

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  1. Its amazing how simple things, like getting to the mail box to send something takes forever with two littles in tow! It drives me crazy sometimes. But yes, enjoying this season. I am excited to see what books you are reading this month -- and also for our meet up? hopefully!

  2. I love your idea to send notes to four women in your life...great goal! I want to be more intentional about sending notes of encouragement too :)


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