January Weight Loss

I started 2014 on a new dose of my thyroid medication which can throw me off usually when I work on losing weight. BUT in January I adjusted quickly to the medication. I continued my 8 miles per week (except for one week because I was sick).

I am happy to say in January I lost

5 pounds

I am so happy to have lost that much in one month and am hoping to keep up the progress in February. I have to say having a thyroid disease and losing weight are like two opposite magnets not wanting to meet. They can be tough to accomplish but when you do you are more energized and content to push on.

I just have to say if you are trying to lose weight, don't rush it. Work to it day by day. One simple and small step at a time. Being conscious of what you put in your body and the workouts you put your body through.

Let's do this! I am down a little over 30 pounds since January 2013. A struggle? Yes but a struggle I am going to defeat.