Thursday, February 20, 2014

peace and i listen {tips for worship time}

Sometimes in the midst of the chaos and beautiful noise in our home I forget to have peace. And listen for His voice. I forget to take some moments out of my day of playing play doh, kissing ouchies and building legos to worship Him and soak in His presence.

I have found over the past month some ways I am able to worship Him and listen and I hope these help you also! Plus, I have one of my favorite worship songs at the end, so check it out!

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Listen to worship music while folding laundry, doing dishes or playing with the kiddos. I have noticed sometimes when the boys get a little crazy, I tell them to get some books and sit on the couch. I pop on Pandora or Spotify, turn on some worship music and peace is brought back into our home. And I listen.

Nap time Devotions Sometimes as a Mom it is so tough to get up early. Especially for me as a night owl. I am still working on it but on those days I don't I spend time with Him during the boy's nap time. Try it today and let me know if you hear Him speak to you.

Clean up We always have music playing in our home and sometimes I will stop the kid's station during clean up and listen to some worship music.

In Their Room Drag a couple pillows and camp out on your kiddos bedroom/playroom floor and read your Bible/devotions. They will love climbing on your back and it is a perfect time to try to listen for His voice while you are blessed with your little ones around you.

These are just a few that I put into our daily routine.

One of my favorite worship songs. Enjoy. 

 I would love to know when you have peace and listen for His voice. 

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  1. I have worship music playing almost all day, also picked up the tip of having my bible on the counter from Hayley Morgan


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