Surviving the thick of it

Among the legos and blocks covering the ground most days, my youngest in diapers and wanting to never keep a shirt or pants on for longer than 10 minutes, I sometimes have to breathe. And realize that I am in the thick of it. I also have realized lately that I have survived 4 years of motherhood and I am still in pieces over how to train and teach these boys. These little men God placed in my life to nurture, comfort, teach and more.

I'm the clay being molded into the mom they need. Every child is different and that means each mom is molded by God to fit perfectly with their child. I recently was talking to a friend and about how different kids are. How it is tough, this role in motherhood but oh how lively and giving it is too.

Let me say, God knew what He was doing when He gave you each of your children. He knew which ones would push your buttons, which one would need more hugs, which one would have a soft heart, which one would be vibrant and headstrong. He knew.

We have all read that verse, but have you thought that it is meant to be for each child. The one pushing your buttons who is headstrong? He might be training to be a leader who is not easily influenced. The one who needs hugs and has a soft heart? He might be training to be one who everyone admires and is a major influence in other's lives.

So how do you survive AND thrive in the thick of it?

1. Pray each day for each child 
Pray for God to show you how to train this child He gave you. How to discipline and teach. 

2. Stop the comparisons
Each child is different and not one is the same. Treat it that way. 

3. Say No
Prioritize yourself. Sometimes it is good to say no to an opportunity at church, group, work, etc. Your primary ministry is right in front of you at home. Make it count. 

These are just a few tips I have right now but I would love to hear yours! 

What are your tips to survive & thrive in motherhood?