what i learned in february

February was an eye opener month for me and also nearly perfect. I have finally felt content and at peace in my heart about so many things. I have also *I think* adapted to my current dose in thyroid medication which is always a blessing.

1. The guy in Divergent playing Four is the same man who played the Turkish diplomat in the first episode of Downton Abbey. Did you know that?

2. I have done an over abundance research on essential oils and even ordered an intro kit from doTERRA. I am now a Young Living Distributor. I hope to share more of my journey with you as I learn and I can't wait to show you how we use them. If you have a question just email me. Also if you want to order from doTERRA go talk to my bloggy friend Tiffany, she is so sweet. 

3. I am not good at saying no. I tried (a few times) this month and that is not what came out of my mouth. I read this post and it really encouraged me to strive for it. I always say yes to others and really need to learn to say "let me think about it and get back to you" or "No". Do you have trouble saying no to others? 

4. I finally figured out how to keep Ben (our 4 year old) in his room until 7am without duct tape (just kidding). But seriously he was getting up at 4:30-5:30 in the morning and it is never good to have broken sleep. I will share it in March ;). 

5. My husband has a full love tank and feels extremely loved when I rub his back at night. I knew he liked back rubs but I really do NOT like back rubs. So, in the almost 6 years that we have been married I have avoided them at all costs. Recently I decided to do a little massage each evening and it is amazing to see how it makes him feel loved and for us to connect. 

6. I missed Grey's Anatomy like crazy. Seriously? Please tell me I am not the only one who was anticipating the show to come back this month. 

7. I can actually budget. We have done really well budgeting better this month and not eating out. Which thumbs up especially goes to eMeals for helping with dinner. 

So that completes my list for February on what I learned! Now I want to see and hear what you learned this month! Share below in the comments. 

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Can you name 2 things you learned this February?