25 facts & things learned

My birthday is today! Yep, I turn 25 and am rocking the crutches (read more here) and going to catch the new Divergent movie with my oldest bestie tonight.

I never thought my life would look and be so peaceful, beautiful and full of life, love and passion at 25. Honest. God truly knew what He was doing when I married my best friend at 19 and became a young mom (which I always wanted) and to be finished growing our family also.

So in celebration of my birthday I am going to share 25 things you don't know about me, ready?

1. I am scared of squirrels & mice. Deathly afraid, I even semi beat Josh with a golf club one time because he wasn't getting the mouse fast enough in our previous rental. Yet I am not afraid of snakes or spiders. 
2. I am the only girl of 4. I have 3 brothers and they are loads of fun. Especially my youngest brother who is getting married this year! 
3. I hate heels.
4. When I was younger and went to summer camp, I always ended up on the boy's list because of how my name is spelled. 
5. I wasn't able to read until I was 7 (which is considered late), but I have never stopped since then.
6. I'm 5'5''. I think. 
7. I was 18 when I finally got my driver's license because I was scared to drive. 
8. I have a scar from getting stitches on my forehead when I was a toddler. 
9. I was born in Cali. 
10. I had my appendix removed when I was 19 and newly married.
11. My ideal evening is a home cooked meal, reading or movie time with all my boys. 
12. My first son's middle name is what Laci Peterson was going to name her little boy. 
13. My second son's middle name is two names- Luke Dawson. Dawson from the show, yes really. 
14. I can make my ankle crack like people crack their knuckles, except currently it is injured :)
15. My Mom used to call me Lizzy Lou, I think because I was totally a fan of Lizzy Mcguire. 
16. I love ALL music, hip hop, rock, pop, christian, worship, country, you name it. 
17. I'm a total butterfly dreamer. 
18. I had Ben when I was 20 and Ian when I was 22. 
19. I was homeschooled from 6th grade until I graduated.
20. I repeated 4th grade in public school and never did 5th grade, went straight to homeschooling.
21. I was extremely shy as a child/teenager, truly shy.
22. I hate tea.
23. I have one tattoo and I want two more tiny ones.
24. Never broken a bone. 
25. My brother made me eat a worm when I was a toddler. 

Totally random yet every bit true. Now, how about 25 things I have learned. Even though I might seem young to some of you I have seen my fair share of trials from being in foster care at a young age, losing my mom to cancer while battling my own cancer diagnosis and much more. Through the more good than bad I have learned so many valuable lessons that I carry with me each day. I also hope to pass these valuable lessons onto our sons and any dear friend I know and you!

1. Trusting is a daily decision in your heart.
2. Laughter is always good medicine and helps work those abs ;)
3. You never know when you will say goodbye to someone you love.
4. I was made to be a wife and mom. I love it.
5. There is a time to let go of relationships and a time to push for them.
6. Falling in love with your husband each day is a must to a healthy marriage.
7. There will always be unknown storms brewing your way but just breathe.
8. Speaking life into others is refreshing and addictive. 
9. Starting a second day as a mom is a given sometimes.
10. Mac computers rock.
11. You reap what you sow, it's true and biblical. 
12. If everyone agrees with you, you aren't being bold enough.
13. Kids are totally a unique gift wrapped up in a mixture of you and your husband. 
14. You will learn even more about yourself when you have kids. 
15. Wherever you are, be all there, completely. 
16. You have influence wherever you are in your story and journey through life. Share it. 
17. Say yes to new adventures.
18. If you are hesitant to do something big ask yourself one question- Why Not? 
19. Forgive quickly, apologize humbly.
20. Listen more & give soft answers. 
21. Be silly and leave stress at the door. 
22. Shape your little one's hearts at home, not their personalities. Those are already made by Him.
23. Keep a gratitude journal, always. 
24. What you have tomorrow could be all you said thank you for today, be grateful. 
25. God will give you more than you can handle, because He wants you to lean on Him. 

So you might wonder why I am making such a big deal out of 25. I mean yes, I still am young but I don't see it that way. Since going through so many life changes at a young age, seeing families be broken apart and new ones mended together, last breathes taken and new life coming. I believe every birthday is meant to be celebrated and reflected upon. We are learning new things each day/year and we are meant to share them and not keep them to ourselves.

I am so thankful for each of you and thank you for letting me share my birthday with you. I love having this little community online and wherever you are know that I am saying "I am grateful for you." Yes, you.