Learning to Trust

Ever had those times where life was just going fine and dandy and then BOOM. You get hit with some problems and wonder how, why and what you are going to do?

Well I got hit with a few last night. We decided to take the boys to a local bounce house since Josh was working from home because of the crazy almost 9 inches (!!) we received overnight. We decided to make a night out of it and go bounce first then eat some local Chick-fil-a.

We enjoyed going on the slides with the boys and jumping around. Then we even were able to sit for a half hour or so and enjoy the sweet sounds of the boys playing and helping each other get on and off each bounce house. After reading a few pages of my book I decided to go jump some more with the boys, so we did for about 10 minutes. Trying to be goofy I decided to "race" Josh in the one bouncy place. Yeah, that was not a good idea.

I tripped trying to bounce and my ankle made a huge pop and I couldn't move it. I might have had a slight panic attack and cried because I didn't want to go to the hospital. Josh who is always more calm when incidents happen to me carried me to their sitting area and called his brother to come pick up the boys so we could head to the hospital.

At this point I was praying so hard that it would stop hurting and I could skip the hospital. But it didn't happen. Finally after a few hours at the hospital we found out it was a bad sprain (which is sometimes more painful than broken) and I also realized I chipped my tooth. Yep, two for one deal.

So in these moments, do I trust Him? Do I trust that He has plan even though I am not sure how to afford the bills coming? Do I trust Him in the pain and unknowing?

So my answer yesterday was maybe and this morning I am saying yes. I am saying yes I am learning to trust and even when I am not sure, He knows.

He knows my pain and will help ease it. I am resting the next few days but am so thankful for all He has given me.

After reading this post here and then thinking about others who don't have a foot or can't move, I am thankful that all I need to do to help my ankle get better is rest. All I need is rest physically and rest in Him to calm my nerves and questions.

My encouragement to you today is learn to trust Him in the unknown even when you have questions. It is a difficult task but one we should strive for even when life is good.

Trust is one step at a time, one little thing each day and before you know it you will have your whole life in His hands. 

How do you learn to trust?