Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mama reboot please

I noticed soon after we moved into our apartment in 2012 that I was going through the motions. Mindless, meaningless and I was also giving my family the leftovers of my time, emotions and space.

I needed a total reboot. A switch that would refresh me, push me and maybe even magically clean my home over night and unpack the boxes for me. 

I can tell you right now if this book was around during that time I would have bought many copies and handed them off to friends. Oh wait, I still am going to do that today ;) 

My dear bloggy friend Allie just published her book and friends, she's the real deal. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is with as much compassion, honesty and encouragement you can find in a friend.

She has seen the dark days that were empty and hopeless in her home. Her mothering. Her marriage. Even her relationship with Jesus. So that is when she decided to make a reboot guide of sorts for mamas who needed it, just like her. 

She talks about some of the following topics:

tackling overwhelming housework
simple health and fitness strategies to kick fatigue
what to do when you are about to snap
coming into your role as a prayer warrior in your home 
learning to give and receive grace during bad days
and more!

So if you want to snag a copy go here and start reading today! I am also going to be gifting TWO lucky winners with a kindle copy of this book. (You don't need a kindle just the kindle app). 

To win a copy:
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Comment below with what you need a reboot in as a mama

{winner will be chosen on Friday March 28!}


  1. Ha! I can't just choose one thing to reboot... How about All The Things? This sounds awesome. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Yay:) xx Lara

  2. I need a reboot in so many aspects of my life, especially in the area of parenting. I'd love to read her advice on what to do when on the verge of snapping and how to receive and give grace on bad days. Thanks! Christina

  3. I specifically need a reboot in spending fun time with my kiddos. So many distractions keep me from stopping for more then 10 minutes just to play.


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