March Goals

Spring is coming, oh how I hope it is just around the corner. We are expecting almost 12 inches of snow today and I hope it melts in twelve minutes. I have never seen so much snow in Northern Virginia and I have lived here since I was little. It is definitely not my favorite season.

BUT to make the best of it I have been trying to make it feel like spring is coming. I have been getting flowers for our table every week, lighting a candle and building tents in our family room. I think it's working but the weather seems to disagree currently.

A look back on February: 

1. Finish photo book - I am half crossing this off because I bought all the supplies and I have started but not finished. So almost! 

2. Read 3 books - Ha! Yep, um no. I read Allegiant and A Heart like His. But I am currently going slowly through two books and hope to have them finished in March. I am challenging myself to soak up each book and think about them more instead of speed reading my way through them in one or two days. 

3. Clean out and donate from boy's closet - Accomplished this task this month! I cleaned out the very unorganized and messy closet and now it is neatly put together and everything in its place. Luckily with the lock on the door they can't get in to mess it up;)

4. Date night with Josh - This went so well for the swap dates! We were able to enjoy a nice lunch and walk through Target for our date. 

5. Family photos in frames - Nope, didn't get to it. But hopefully soon!

Here goes March: 

1. Finish photo book - I am hoping to have this done this month so I can then move on to our frames for the wall. 

2. Celebrate my 25th birthday with intention and joy - I will be 25 at the end of this month. Wow, I can't believe it. I am definitely having mixed emotions about it but am so excited I will be going to see Divergent with my sweet friend, Steph. 

3. Finish Mansfield Park & Love Does - I have been slowly going through each of these and pondering them. I am loving Fanny Price and can't wait to watch the movie once I finish. I love this book by Bob Goff, I hope he writes more because he has an amazing way of describing stories and pushing you to do what love does. 

4. Write two notes - I want to send two notes in the mail this month to women in my life who need encouragement or who I just want to drop a line and say hello. 

5. Begin a journal - I am never good at keeping up with a journal but after talking to one of my friends I really want to so I am going to pick a pretty journal out at the store and begin keeping track of my daily thoughts and silly things the boys do or say. 

What 5 goals can you set for March? 

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