Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals

It is finally officially springtime! We have had a looong winter here and are finally able to slowly enjoy the warm evenings at the park when Josh gets home from work. March was actually a fairly rough month for us and I am happy to say goodbye to it.
I sprained my ankle a few days before my 25th birthday and am finally able to walk/limp on it. It will be a little while until I can run again and I think that is what I am missing most right now. We went to the park last night and I stood and watched Josh kick the soccer ball around with the boys. I so wished I could've run and kicked the ball with them. Yet, I am enjoying the slowness of life more since I injured it. Slowly, slowly is what I keep telling myself.

A look back at March:

1. Finish photo book.  It didn't happen but it will...sooonn. I really want to finish this hopefully by end of May so I can begin the next one.

2. Celebrate my 25th birthday. I did celebrate my 25th birthday. I was able to go out (on crutches) with Josh and the boys and grab lunch and a few new shirts at Old Navy then in the evening I went to see Divergent with my good friend I have known for 13 years. It was so simple but so much fun.

3. Finish Mansfield Park &  Love Does. I did finish the first but am reading the second with Josh! So we are going through it together and it is so fun to read, laugh and spend intentional time together.

4. Write two notes. Umm, ok I didn't do that well in March but April is looking bright!

5. Begin a journal. Nope. But I do write a lot in multiple notebooks each day, so why add another one?

Here goes April: 

1. No spend month challenge. Josh and I made our budget for the month and have decided to eliminate all spending (minus our trip to see my brother and such) and not go out to eat at all this month. We usually eat out 2-3x a week (mainly on the weekends). Since we have bills coming in from my ER visit and other bills needing to be paid we want to catch up. So this is our catch up month!

2. Make DoTERRA goals. I am a consultant for DoTERRA now and want to make some simple goals for what I want to accomplish in selling the products. I am not a salesperson AT ALL. Just ask Josh. I love the product and believe in it so I want to be able to help other families see what they can do.

3. Visit with my brother & his fiance´. I am so excited to travel down for 2 days and spend sometime with these two! Josh & I are also going to hit up lunch or dinner by ourselves so that will be a blast too. 

4. Read 3 books.

5. Launch my ebook for subscribers! It's coming, and so close! I will announce the release date this week or weekend! I am so excited to begin promoting this book and let you all know what the title and topic is!

So let's do this April! I am ready for a boost and more energy. I am so thankful for Hayley and her monthly link up for our goals. It has helped me remember even more what my intention and thoughts were coming into 2014 and how I can shape them each month.

I would love to hear your goals! Share a link below or post them in the comments.


  1. I'm with you on the journal. I always say I'm going to start one, but then I make it about a week. I can't wait to hear about your e-book! That's a huge accomplishment! :)

  2. I had family photos taken last year and really want to finish my gallery wall! I think it's the indecision that gets to me... What to put where and what colour the frames should be, etc and of course the time to do it. I usually spend the time trying to decide and then having to pack it all away because it's dinner time again or whatever:) One goal of many.... May we get to do them this April! Sounds like a fun trip coming up for you! Enjoy your time away & your date night;) Xx Lara

  3. That is so exciting about an eBook!!!

  4. Woo hoo for your ebook! That will be such a huge accomplishment this month - I'll check it out!


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