simple bird feeder

For the past few weeks Josh and I have done a lot of talking, dreaming and planning for our family. We want to make sure we are spending intentional quality time with the boys and each other. Otherwise it can so easily slip away from us.

One of these is our weekends. Sometimes (mainly me for reasons unknown) over the past few months I squeeze our weekends full of things to do, people to see that Monday is needed just to rest.

Finally we decided to set our weekends apart as sacred, meaningful and what we truly want to do. Saturday mornings are now to be filled with a family project, activity and a yummy breakfast all together. No more rushing around to do errands or run out the door to grocery shop.

Last weekend we went to the store and bought a few supplies to make some DIY bird feeders. The boys were so excited and loved this simple project. We slowed down time for just a bit on Saturday morning and made a mess on the kitchen table while playing music and laughing. It was truly bliss.

I highly recommend doing this for your weekend! Also the boys have loved watching the birds all week so it makes for enjoyment for the days following the project.

Here are the steps to make a simple bird feeder!

Grapefruit Bird Feeder

Items needed:
parachute cord

Make a line on top of the grapefruit and cut it out. (Almost like you would when carving a pumpkin).

Begin carving out all the insides. When done trim the top to make more even.

Once carved, puncture two holes across from each other with a pen. String the cord through. Pour bird seed into the grapefruit. Hang and enjoy!

What kind of family projects have you done with your little ones? 

I would love to hear and add some to our list.