Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I am a bookworm, if you haven't noticed yet. I absolutely love to soak up information, encouragement, wisdom and more from other moms, bloggers, women and men who are striving for a better vision, organization and being present in life.

I have always looked forward to this time of year because I get to dig into my new wealth of books from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. 

It truly is the Ultimate Homemaking library that you want in your home. I mean where else can you buy 78 books (+ plus more) for under $30? Plus it only is around until this Monday at midnight and then this bundle is not available anymore. So hop on it now! 
Still need convincing, ok! The different sections in this bundle are:

Check out this page also to read what ebooks are in each of these topics!
Why you want to hop on this bundle:

Support blogs that you read- You are helping about 100 bloggers at a time when buying this bundle and I bet you read a majority of them.

Some of the ebooks might be on your reading list- Do you have a reading list? I bet some of these are on there and now you get them along with other books of the same topics and interests.

Gift some to friends for Mother's Day- It's easy to print some of these and place them in a binder. Wrap it up and add a chocolate bar and viola! A present that a friend will use and love. 

Need help home planning, homeschool planning, etc this summer- Want to get on organizing that closet? Eating right? Fixing a homeschool plan together you will keep? You can answer all these questions and more with this bundle!

Clutter free in your home- Buying 78 books would fill a whole bookshelf. But guess what? It will be on your computer, organizing and clutter free begins now! 

I'm positive you won't regret investing in this bundle. Grab yours before their gone and share with your friends this amazing deal also!

This bundle will truly be worth it for the following year (and more!). You will love the endless encouragement, wisdom and more to grow and thrive as a mom and homemaker.

This post contains affiliate links. You can also check out the fine print and FAQs for this bundle.