May Goals

It's a late spring here but it's starting to show with the crisp, sunny mornings and our weekly Saturday trips to the Farmer's Market. It's been showing for about a month now with the longer days (which I love) and the time to be outside more than we were this past winter.

Looking back on my April Goals:

No spend challenge. Ok, we did fairly well except for eating out a few times.

Make DoTERRA goals. Could this be half? I have them in my head but haven't written them out completely.

Visit my brother & his fiance'.This was an amazing trip and I am so glad we were able to go. Even though Ian had the sniffles and Josh ended up with his cold it still was so good to spend time with them.

Read 3 books. I finished 4 books this month! I read The light between oceans, Surprised by Motherhood, Who moved my cheese and the Gift of Love. Are you on goodreads? I would love to connect!

Launch my ebook for subscribers! I have a release date (this MONDAY!!) and it is so close!

Now onto May:

1. Continue Tone it Up Bikini Series. I started this week and today was my 5th day of getting up at 6:30 and working out! I have pushed myself to go to bed before 11 at night and it is crazy that I am able to bounce out of bed in the morning. I really enjoy the 30-40 minutes I have in the morning to quietly and peacefully go workout and have a bit of self care before I start my day with the boys.

2. Celebrate our 6th anniversary. I can't believe will be 6 years in two weeks! We are excited to have a day date together and enjoy some food, shopping and lots of holding hands + kissing ;)

3. Hang pictures. Even if I only get TWO pictures up on the walls, that is my goal.

4. Post more on Grateful with Two. I am hoping to be posting more now that the ebook will be released on Monday.

5. Send 3 cards to women I know.

I am so happy to be able to post my goals here each month and excited to connect with other bloggers and readers sharing their goals!
Linking up with Hayley this month.

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