Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Wishlist

What I would want for Mother's Day is to
wake up and be attacked with many kisses from the boys
a nice morning breakfast made with my amazing husband and our crazy adorable sons
a family workout in the sunshine and beautiful weather
lunch out to my favorite sub place
flowers to take to my Moms grave and happy tears shed over her and I as mothers
windows down, holding hands with Josh in the car and repeatedly thanking Him for giving me all these gifts in my life. 

The gift of a husband who is also my best friend, lover and protector.
The gift of two boys who make my days long but who teach me patience, grace, love and laughter each day.
The gift of friendship and bonds formed between my closest friends.

I have already received my 3 favorite gifts and I get to see them each morning and say good night to them each evening and yet they want to celebrate me (and yours want to celebrate you!) as a Mom.

Why not give them a wishlist just in case they need help this year? Forward this on to your hubby if he is asking for suggestions and something catches your eye!

1. These 5 lb weights are perfect for those 10-15 minutes toning workouts you want to work on.

Since I have been following the Tone it Up summer series some of the workouts call for weights and I have a kettebell but it doesn't exactly work for all the toning exercises. Are you following the plan also? 

You can never have enough notebooks, right? 

7. DSLR camera

8. Lamentations 3:22 print  (love this in canvas!)

So friends, what's on your list? 

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  1. I have that mug from Jessi, & as good as it looks in photos is just as good as it is in real life, great list!!!


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