Not Forgotten on Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's Day. This will be my 6th Mother's Day to celebrate since I pregnant with our oldest son, Ben. Although sometimes it seems like any other day to me and to other moms in the trenches, I can't help but be hurting for the moms who have lost a child, miscarried or are unable to have children yet or ever.

Yesterday I was introduced to Jacqui and Danny and their story of recently losing their son Ryan this past Friday in a tragic accident. My heart hurt so much for them and the many turmoils, struggles and sleepless nights they must be facing. Especially with Mother's Day this Sunday. I am praying for them and praying for friends and family to surround them with encouragement, hugs and support. I am supporting them in a small way by buying this necklace. 

I am not trying to put a damper at all on your Mother's Day but just to tell you that for this Mother's Day if you know of a friend, neighbor, the woman who sits beside you at church who has lost a child or is unable to have children, etc....

Send them a card

Encourage them 

Let them know that they aren't forgotten. 

I remember my first Mother's Day as a Mom. I was a brand new mom of a 7 month old, overwhelmed with postpartum hormones, struggling to still learn how to balance motherhood and life. It was encouraging to me to know I had friends I could call and my husband's support and encouragement while we learned to be Mom & Dad. If you know of a brand new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day with her baby you can always:

Send them a card

Encourage them

Bring them coffee

Bring them a meal

Offer to babysit so she can go on a date with her hubby

Let them know they aren't forgotten, even if they might feel like it. 

(These also don't HAVE to be done only on Mother's Day, it's good to do constantly for new moms everywhere!)
Let's remember to celebrate ALL moms this year and stand together. Stand together in the trenches of motherhood and encourage one another. 

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?