Pressing on {Weight Loss Update}

I have been following the Tone it Up challenge since April 28th. So it has been a month that I have been doing about 6-7 workouts per week, waking up early and pushing myself in certain areas.

It has been discouraging because I haven't seen a major weight loss on the scale but I have seen improvement in being able to run further (more lung power!) since my injury, toning my arms, abs and booty and clothes feeling loser on me.

For some reason I let myself get pretty discouraged over the weekend and Josh took me out to Starbucks for a drink and snack. The boys watched Netflix on the phone and we were able to talk and mainly I got to share my frustration. I am so encouraged to have a husband who speaks life and love to me daily. He knows the words to say and knows when to push me when I am having a pity party. Which is basically what I was doing.

For my devotions this morning I read Philippians and one verse that stuck out to me was Philippians 3:13.

Brothers (let's say Sisters), I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do; Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

It encouraged me to keep striving for my weight loss goal and my overall goal of being healthy and fit. Not skinny, I want to be toned and fit to be able to have energy, flexibility, strength and confidence in myself to be able to run and press on further.

I wanted to share a few ways that I stay encouraged when pushing for a big goal, if you have some share them below!

Take a walk 
Honestly, if you feel discouraged about not reaching your goal or that you skipped a workout this morning. Go strap the kiddos in a stroller and take a brisk walk. You will feel more energized and it will clear your head.

Listen to worship music or Katy Perry radio
I have been encouraged by listening to worship music so much during the day and the Katy Perry radio on Pandora is my favorite!

Surround yourself with encouragement from others
Honestly, this is huge. If you surround yourself with family or friends who will encourage and motivate you to keep going you will make it!

Write in a journal
I like to keep progress of how I am doing and I have been since the beginning of this challenge and it is encouraging to go back and see where I was encouraged and what pushed me on and times I was discouraged but didn't give up.

So just remember, you can make it, you can meet your goal, don't give up and press on! This is what I keep saying to myself, so we are in this together! :)