six years of adventures

Today marks six years of adventures with Josh. We embarked on this journey of marriage six years ago today and have picked up two boys along the way, some bumps and bruises, lots of laughter and smiles and some tears.

I see marriage as a journey just like motherhood. You are always weaving in and out, learning from mistakes, getting up when you fall down and celebrating those moments that are meant to be documented and remembered.

{If you haven't read our Love Story, I wrote it out last year in a couple posts. Check it out Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.}

I don't think you should get comfortable and cozy once you get married, you should always be working to shape it, build it up, build your spouse up and be actively involved in your journey.

Marriage isn't for auto pilot, it isn't for deposits only, it isn't for perfection. It's for authenticity, it's for falling in love each day, it's for dreaming big, it's for joy, it's for flirting often.

So today I am celebrating six years of our journey and adventures that have many more years to come! We have been through one miscarriage, two pregnancies and two natural births, moved 3 times, huge career change last year, almost died while 4 wheeling late at night, giggled till 2AM over everything, last minute "let's go!" trips to the beach and in the middle of a snowstorm, love to talk with each other at lunch, text often throughout the day when away from each other, enjoyed many sweet moments with our boys, dreamed big with each other (and still are!) and so much more!

Happy Anniversary Babe and I can't wait to see what adventures this next year hold for us :-)