abiding in the summer

One of my goals this summer is to ABIDE. Abide in Him. Abide with Josh and the boys and soak up all the little moments. So hence the quietness the past week and a half on the blog. Trying to get in the attitude of not having to do it all, be enough and to just be here this summer and not just behind the camera.

I am really excited for this summer for so many reasons. I am soaking up the many moments we are outside, bike rides, walks, nice cool swims in the pool and so much more. 

I started the ABIDE devotional and am loving it so far! Have you gotten yours? I highly recommend it. 

So, I leave you today with a few posts that have peaked my interest and encouraged me. Check them out and then go and abide in Him and your family. Soak it up friend, be where you are and know it is SO important and every effort you make and do is making a lasting difference and meaning. 

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