Friday, June 13, 2014

father's day means more than we know

When I was younger, I only knew my biological dad for 7 years before he was stripped from my life by the law. You can catch my background story over at my friend, Katie's blog.

Once I was adopted at 10, I gained an adoptive Dad. I care about him very much but currently Father's Day sometimes hurts a little bit because we have let past issues and personal values get in the way of a simple relationship. He isn't in our lives currently and it hurts to not have that father/daughter relationship every little girl longs for. 

I am so so thankful to have my biological Dad in my life currently and we are slowly mending those open wounds and working on building a new relationship, along with Josh and the boys. 

So when Father's Day comes around I so admire the man I married and the values, morals and respect he is teaching the boys each day. The simple things like opening the door for people (especially mommy), using manners when with others, not disrespecting me when speaking to me. They say kids learn most from who you are. They watch you connecting with others, building relationships and bonds, enjoying life, laughing through the stressful times, etc. 

Father's Day seems to sometimes be pushed to the back and isn't as outspoken as Mother's Day. But why is that? BOTH parents matter so much in a family unit. More than we sometimes comprehend. They matter because your little boy is watching how you treat your husband and how he treats you. Your little girl is looking up to your husband and probably has even asked to marry him and she is looking to you to being a strong woman who has passion and goals but also a keeper of the home. 

Let's celebrate this Father's Day with love, encouragement, compassion on others and grace. You don't need to spend all your extra money to buy a present, you need to put forth the effort to show you care.

I remember the day Josh became a Dad, he had tears in eyes the first time he held Ben and also Ian. He was beaming with pride and emotions that are hard to put in just a few words. Dads seems to bond so much more once the baby is born and not in the womb. It's natural! The first time they hold them, they understand. They understand that this little one was placed in their life and he/she will now be watching their every move, word and follow behind them as little ducks do. 

How can you encourage your spouse this Father's Day?


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