Fruits of the Spirit for Little Ones

Sometimes it's difficult to find the perfect devotional to work through with little ones. (Especially the ones under 5). I don't want to make it too complicated where Ben or Ian can't understand the simple truths of Jesus and the Bible that we are trying to share, explain and teach. Josh has always been good at simplifying and explaining. For me- I can simplify it in my mind but the words don't exactly make sense when it comes out. :)

Since becoming a mom it has been a daily learning process and journey for me to learn how to teach the boys and let them understand and hold tight to certain values and truths in their hearts.

I came across this family devotional that Grace for Moms is doing for the summer and absolutely am in love with it. If you are looking for a simple, meaningful and intentional family devotional to go through for the summer. This is the one to go to .

We started this week and you can hop on too!

I sat both the boys down with notebooks and we talked for a few minutes about what fruit is and what fruits of the Spirit are and where they should be kept. We read Galatians 5: 22-23 (which is the memory verse for the summer).

This devotional gives great ideas for discussion and activities and we have been enjoying it so much! We started with the first activity which is drawing a picture for someone you know to show how much you love them.

I discussed and asked the boys what Dad loves to do and Ben said golfing. So he then drew a picture of Josh golfing and wrote I love you on it. It was meaningful and it is simple enough to begin seeing how we love others.

We also discussed HOW we can show love to our family and friends.

I can't wait to keep teaching these tiny hearts and showing them how much they are loved by Him.

Are you joining this Truth for Tiny Hearts?