Monday Inspiration for Moms

So I have been thinking of doing something like this for awhile. I have decided to go for it. Each Monday, I am going to share a little inspiration (pep talk) for Moms. I hope it encourages you, I hope it gives you inspiration, purpose and gives you that little boost you need sometimes (I know I do!).

This week's inspiration comes from this quote, 

So tell me, what makes your soul happy? What puts a smile on your face just thinking about it? Do that this week. Make time for things that make you happy. 

Just because you are a mom (and even if you aren't) doesn't mean you need to pause life and not have passions or interests. If you enjoy painting, pull out the brushes and an empty canvas! If you enjoy hikes, strap the kiddos in to the stroller and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. If you enjoy reading, take some time and go to the coffee shop when your husband gets home or lock yourself in your room tonight and enjoy a good book. 

I really believe that having authentic motherhood involves living a passionate, well rounded life for yourself as a mom and a person. To be authentic is to be genuine, to be yourself and how can you do that if you are not keeping your soul happy? 

Each morning while the boys eat breakfast I sit down on the couch and write in my journal of the previous day, I read my daily devotions and pray. I choose to start my day with Jesus because it makes my soul happy. Simple, effective truth. What makes you happy? Start your day doing that. 

This week I encourage (and challenge) you to do what makes your soul happy. I am choosing to start my day with writing and spending time with Jesus. I also am choosing to put time aside to crochet because that also makes me so happy when I can complete a blanket. 

What makes your soul happy?